Night after NIGHT, AFTER NIGHT….after night, I cried out to GOD asking Him to allow me to win MORE SOULS! After going through a SERIES OF UNFORTUNATE circumstances in my own life my prayer was simply this, “RELIGHT THE FIRE.” Several months later, it happened! I drove up to Larry’s Mexican Restaurant in Richmond, Texas where I noticed two women standing in the parking lot. God spoke to me deep down in my spirit saying, “Tell those ladies about me. They will be saved today.” As I started walking toward them, I could not help but laugh because one of the ladies was wearing a T-Shirt that said, “Beer, Boobs, Beads!” I approached them and began sharing God’s love with them. One PRAYER later, both Benita and Juanita were gloriously born again. Little did I know that these women would take me into their inner city neighborhood where I began to walk the streets with nothing but BAGS OF CANDY, A BIG GOD AND A BIG DREAM! Hundreds upon hundreds of people were born again and their lives were forever changed. Children, teens, drug addicts, prostitutes……you name it called on the only ONE who could help them in their time of need……..JESUS! I said all of that to say this today friend, DON’T EVER GIVE UP on your DREAM. Just when you think life is over is precisely when it is USUALLY JUST BEGINNING. From that day until now, we continue to take teams into the inner city, winning souls for Christ and plugging these precious converts into the local church. CAN ONE PERSON MAKE A DIFFERENCE? I did. You can. Get started today!!!