Meet BEAUTIFUL Jessica!  During our outreach on the streets of

Orlando, we saw Jessica sitting in a local McDonald’s store.  Rachel

and I approached her and before we could say a word, Jessica got out

of her chair and said to us, “I love you, I love you so much!” and then

she began to cry.  She didn’t know who we were, but I believe she

felt GOD’S LOVE!  In a few moments of time we shared with Jessica,

John 3:16 and she bowed her head receiving Jesus Christ into her

heart as her Savior.  She talked with us openly about her 7 year

addiction to her crack pipe.  We encouraged her to TRUST JESUS

for her TOTAL FREEDOM from crack.  It was a special moment in

time to REACH OUT to a beautiful girl who is struggling with an

addiction.  TODAY, there are a lot of JESSICAS in our world.  Let’s

be sensitive and mindful to TOUCH SOMEONE today with the LOVE

of JESUS CHRIST.  547728_10201467894517208_1724995700_n