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Posted by on Aug 2, 2014

After a series of UNFORTUNATE circumstances that I could not change, I confronted myself one day.  Yes that’s right.  A lot of times we want to straighten others out but the truth of the matter is I needed to look in the mirror and allow God to straighten me out.  When I was HONEST with myself I discovered that I wasn’t as ON FIRE for JESUS as I wanted to be and I wasn’t WINNING as many souls as I could be.  This confrontation with MYSELF drove me to my knees where I began to cry out to God relentlessly a 3 word prayer that FOREVER CHANGED my life and the course of my DESTINY.  I simply prayed, “RELIGHT THE FIRE GOD.  I WANT TO WIN MORE SOULS.  YOU KNOW WHERE THE SOULS ARE, I DON’T.  LEAD ME TO THEM.”  After 4 months of praying this prayer, I saw two ladies standing in the parking lot of Larry’s Mexican Restaurant in Richmond, Texas.  Long story made real short, Benita, a crack addict and prostitute and Juanita an alcoholic homeless woman were gloriously born again!  God had heard my prayer.  But that’s not all.  These two gals took me into their neighborhood known as MUD ALLEY because of the all of the crack houses and prostitution and I began to hand out candy on the streets leading people to JESUS CHRIST.  Because of this one DIVINE APPOINTMENT, hundreds came into the KINGDOM OF GOD and we began to bring these precious new converts to church where their lives could be changed and their minds could be RENEWED.  TODAY friend, I encourage you that you alone can MAKE A DIFFERENCE.  You and GOD ALMIGHTY are not the minority, you are the MAJORITY.  I urge you to order my book, RELIGHT THE FIRE, today because it will change your life and alter the course of your DESTINY forever!  I love you and I’m pulling for you today!  DebraRelight_the_Fire-Book


  1. I just love you. You are a wonderful soul. May God bless you.

    • Oh Praise God, Thank you sooo for this work. I am called to be an evangelist. I needed help. Thank you!

      • Hi Holly,
        I am praying for you and that God will guide you to win more and more souls!

  2. Hey Sister Debra
    Can’t wait to see you in Larose,La in July.
    I seen you at Christian Fellowship Church in Sept.1996. It will be 19 years since you came. I love that you outreach the streets. My PASSION is the streets. My husband and I have a street and homeless ministry that we started on Christmas day 2002. The city shut us down from feeding on the streets so now we are praying for a building. At this moment we just found out in March my husband has cancer. I know one thing not it is not time for my husband to go home. I know the Lord wants us back on the streets. we were told 3 times it’s like Job but the devil could not take Job out! Pray for my husband his nickname “Cookie”. you prayed for him in 1996 and you called me out. I am excited for you coming in July! My good friend is “June” the lady you spoke with over the youth.
    Be Blessed

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