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ANSWERS to your PRAYERS will RUSH in on you!

Posted by on Jan 3, 2015

When GOD deals with us, HE DEALS BOUNTIFULLY according to Psalm 13:6. The word, SPARINGLY could have been used, BUT it wasn’t. The word, LACK, could have been used, but it wasn’t! David chose to SING to the LORD because HE had dealt BOUNTIFULLY with him. AMAZING! The word BOUNTIFUL means: “Giving or providing many desired things, given or existing in large amounts, liberal in bestowing GIFTS or FAVORS, given or PROVIDED ABUNDANTLY, a BOUNTIFUL HARVEST! So today FRIENDS, begin to thank GOD right out loud that HE is dealing BOUNTIFULLY with you. Then get ready FOR ANSWERS to your PRAYERS to RUSH in on you like never before! BOUNTIFUL…..what a GREAT WORD, what a GREAT SCRIPTURE…….what a GREAT GOD! DGDSCN1696


  1. AWSOME simply Awsome i love it this is what i needed to hear thank you so much

  2. Thanyou for the word we needed to hear in this season in our lives. When we’ve done all we can, we have to stand. Living by faith can be challenging, but when God does a thing, he does it on time, he does it right, & it’s always for our good!

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