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By raising up an army of soul-winning warriors, Debra George Ministries strives to see the local church grow through the fires of revival. Contact Debra today and spark that fire in your church today.


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We’d love to work with you to spark a fire of revival in your community. Contact us today and setup a training with your church to win souls for Christ!

Our Story

Where It All Began

Debra’s outreaches were birthed through a single touch from God in Stafford, Texas. Debra led a prostitute and an alcoholic homeless woman to Jesus, and that experience led Debra into the community. Hundreds of souls were won. Since that time, Debra has devoted her life to helping churches train believers to win souls. Through her training and speaking engagements, she is creating a “hands-on” evangelism experience for church participants that will change their lives forever!

Today Debra George Ministries is a soul-winning ministry traveling the world, and speaking passionately about winning the lost for Christ! This ministry encourages people to believe God for their families to be saved as well as to win souls in everyday life. Contact us today to let us train your ministry teams for inner-city outreaches and to plant new believers in the local church. Debra George Ministries encourages women, teens, and young adults to find their unique place in this world and fulfill their destiny in life, becoming all that God has called them to be.

Glory to God

When DGM heads out on the streets to win the lost, we know who gets the glory. We put our Lord, Jesus Christ, in the spotlight for the bountiful harvest He has helped us establish for the Kingdom of God. Invite us to your city and let us spark a fire in your church to win the lost.

Souls Won

evangelists trained

Strippers Saved

Addicts Set Free

What We Offer

Community Outreach Events

Debra has a heart for those on the streets. Organizing your teams delivering an amazing life-changing experience while bringing the lost to Jesus Christ is the goal of every event we put on.

Training for Future Soul-Winners

Sometimes all you need is to get your church members the knowledge and training needed to win the souls of your community. Let Debra come in and show your people how it’s all done.

Speaking Engagements

Debra has a gift for teaching, encouraging, and energizing the church to get out of their comfort zone and win souls. Invite Debra to spark a fire of revival in your church today.


What Pastors are Saying

"Debra is helping the Church bring in a harvest of souls!"

"Debra is a Pastor’s friend and a dynamic soul winner.  She will impact your church and set believers on fire to change their world."

Pastor Richard Ford, Family Worship Center

“Pray for her”

"She shut down the biggest strip club on the east side of town, shut down the #1 sex trafficking ring operating 4 or 5 miles from our church."

Pastor Rod Parsley, World Harvest Church

“The shy, will become bold as a lion sharing their faith”

"She is absolutely amazing when it comes to soul-winning and evangelism. Your team will be on fire. Your community will be saved."

Dr. Medina Pullings, United Nations Church

“Will inspire your church to win souls”

"This is one of those once in a generation ministries. So often in the body of Christ we forget about going into the highways and byways and compelling people to come."

Pastor Frank Santora, Faith Church

Schedule an Outreach

We'd love to work with you to spark a fire of revival in your community. Contact us today and set up a training with your church to win souls for Christ!