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Winning Souls & Training Soul-Winners

Debra has devoted her life to training believers and building evangelism teams to WIN SOULS and conduct OUTREACHES to build the local church. She takes these teams on the streets to win souls and create a “hands-on” experience that will change their lives forever!

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Reach Out To Others

Reach Out To Others

My first real job was at Clodine Country Store (shown in photo) right down the road from where I was raised. I was 15 when I started working here after school. We lived next to a railroad track so all of the men who jumped off the trains, headed straight to my Mama's...

Story of God’s Love

Story of God’s Love

It's a BEAUTIFUL STORY of GOD'S LOVE! April, Kimberly, Selena, Sheyla gave their hearts to JESUS in 2005 during Richmond Texas OUTREACH with Family Worship Center right after Benita and Juanita were saved! Today they are with me giving toys to others. I am filled with...


21feb(feb 21)6:30 pm22(feb 22)1:00 pmNational Women's Retreat Columbus, Texas

12mar(mar 12)6:30 pm15(mar 15)1:00 pmDestiny City Christian Center Edmond, Oklahoma

20mar(mar 20)6:30 pm22(mar 22)1:00 pmThe Gathering Columbia, Tennessee

27mar(mar 27)6:30 pm29(mar 29)1:00 pmCityGate Church Lebanon, Ohio

02apr(apr 2)10:00 am12(apr 12)1:00 pmValor Christian College/World Harvest Church Columbus, Ohio

15apr(apr 15)6:30 pm19(apr 19)1:00 pmLandmark Christian Center Porterville, California

24apr(apr 24)7:00 pm25(apr 25)3:00 pmFresh Fragrance Conference Living Word Church; Conroe, Texas

06may(may 6)7:00 pm16(may 16)4:00 pmParis Centre Chretien Paris France

25jul10:00 am4:00 pmRestoring Hope Church Hendersonville, Tennessee

09aug10:00 am1:00 pmFamily Worship Center Stafford, Texas

18sep(sep 18)10:00 am19(sep 19)9:00 pmLisa Osteen Comes @ Joyce Meyer Conference

27sep(sep 27)10:00 am04oct(oct 4)1:00 pmValor Christian College/World Harvest Church Columbus, Ohio

09oct(oct 9)10:00 am10(oct 10)9:00 pmLisa Osteen Comes @ Joyce Meyer Conference

23oct(oct 23)10:00 am25(oct 25)1:00 pmParis Centre Chretien Paris, France


What Pastors are Saying

"Debra is helping the Church bring in a harvest of souls!"

"Debra is a Pastor’s friend and a dynamic soul winner.  She will impact your church and set believers on fire to change their world."

Pastor Richard Ford, Family Worship Center

“Pray for her”

"She shut down the biggest strip club on the east side of town, shut down the #1 sex trafficking ring operating 4 or 5 miles from our church."

Pastor Rod Parsley, World Harvest Church

“The shy, will become bold as a lion sharing their faith”

"She is absolutely amazing when it comes to soul-winning and evangelism. Your team will be on fire. Your community will be saved."

Dr. Medina Pullings, United Nations Church

“Will inspire your church to win souls”

"This is one of those once in a generation ministries. So often in the body of Christ we forget about going into the highways and byways and compelling people to come."

Pastor Frank Santora, Faith Church

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