Sharing Jesus – Group Course


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Description is platform that brings people education and instruction on how to share their faith in Jesus Christ with people they care about. In this self paced online course, you will get the purpose and the practical experience of what it takes to share your faith about Jesus.

Video Sessions Include:

  • Why do we “save” people?
  • How to know when God is speaking
  • How to remain servant minded
  • Reaching our families
  • Sharing your faith with co-workers and classmates
  • Witnessing to strangers in the marketplace
  • Effective way to bring others to church

Bonus Team Training:

  • How to Do Strip Club Ministry
  • Inner City Ministry

Church Package Includes:

  • Access to download all video sessions for unlimited training.
  • Zoom call with Debra
  • Course Completion Certificate Template
  • Strategy Session with Debra via Zoom