19 YEAR OLD PROSTITUTE RECEIVES JESUS TODAY! I was in HOUSTON driving when I saw a young girl out of the corner of my eye with very little clothing on and high heels. She was SOOOOO YOUNG and I knew immediately she was a prostitute. On the inside I knew I was supposed to HELP HER. I turned my car around, turned into a gas station to see where she had walked to. She was next door to the gas station at a bank talking to the security guard outside. I pulled up in the bank parking lot and what was kinda funny is that I had taken my shoes off and I jumped out of my car barefoot and ran across the hot pavement to go talk to her. When I was just about next to her, a man comes out of the bank and was staring at this young girl. I remember thinking to myself that I hoped he didn’t try to pick her up and gratefully he never said a word! Him and I walked past each other and I approached the girl. I extended my hand and said, “My name is Debra and I am here to help you today. What is your name?” She told me her name (I’ll call her Sarah) and when she did, I asked, “What can I do to HELP YOU today? What can I do for you?” Her response shocked me. She said, “I need a ride to MISSOURI CITY.” (Missouri City is where I live) I said, “That’s where I’m headed. What all do you have with you?” She said, “Just my cell phone.” I said, “Get in the car. Let’s go!” I looked at the security guard and said to him, “I am taking care of her.” He said, “Okay.” I am sure he wondered and is probably still wondering, who I am and how I just came out of nowhere to talk to a girl in distress. As she got in my car, I told her I was not a police officer, just a lady who loves JESUS and wants to HELP. Then she began to tell me her story. She is 19 years old and has been LIVING on the STREETS and SELLING her BODY since the age of 14. Her MOTHER is a drug addict and had to give her up to the state when she was only 2 years old. In and out of foster homes, she ended up on the streets living under bridges and then finally gave her life over to her pimp. When I saw her today, she had just left her pimp and all of her belongings behind because he had tried to kill her. She was running for her life and I didn’t know that, but GOD DID! She shared with me how she services about 15-20 clients a day and makes $900 each day, all of which goes to her pimp. As we approached the house of a friend where she was going to stay, I stopped the car, turned to her and said, I want to tell you about JESUS and pray for you. Right then in the car, she bowed her head and received JESUS CHRIST as her SAVIOR! I then prayed over her for the blood of JESUS to cover her and for the angels of GOD to be around her for protection. She has my cell number and already text me saying, “Thank you for praying for me.” My scripture for today was James 1:17, “Every good and perfect, (free, large, full) gift comes from the Father…” All day long, I thought of this scripture, said it out loud and then I praised God for giving me good, perfect, free, large and full gifts today. As I was driving away from my time with Sarah, it hit me! Sarah was my GIFT FROM GOD TODAY! What are the odds to meet someone who needed a ride to the very city where I lived? If I would have been driving down the street 5 minutes earlier or later, I would not have seen her. OUR JESUS LOVES SARAH SO MUCH AND HE KNEW SHE NEEDED HELP! HE MADE SURE I DROVE BY AT THE PRECISE MOMENT to see her. Friends, God’s Word is true and HIS LOVE is so REAL. I saw HIS LOVE IN ACTION today for a beautiful young girl, Sarah, who needed someone to reach out to her. I am very humbled and thankful that GOD CHOSE ME to help her and that HE TRUSTED ME to get her to a safe place. EVERYDAY DIVINE APPOINTMENTS AWAIT US. My PRAYER for all of us is that we will BECOME MORE SENSITIVE to the LEADING of the PRECIOUS HOLY SPIRIT!