We had a BLOWOUT outreach in ORLANDO, FLORIDA.  A girl named Jessica who had been addicted to her crack pipe for eight years gave her heart to Jesus Christ.  Another man named Mike who had just gotten out of prison was gloriously saved!  A HIGHLIGHT of our night is when we had GOD’S FAVOR to go inside of a local STRIP JOINT to give bracelets to the dancers and to minister to them.  The owner walked us straight into the dancer’s dressing room where we had an opportunity to not only give them gifts but to join hands with them and to pray with them to invite Jesus Christ to come and live in their hearts.  About 10-15 dancers were gloriously saved!  The manager and security guard who were watching everything on monitors in their office invited us to come in and pray for them also!  The owner welcomed us to come back at anytime and stated that he owned 27 more strip clubs!  GLORY TO JESUS!  We are TRUSTING GOD to get into these type places across the country to share GOD’S LOVE!