Studio1Instead of PACKING, try UNPACKING in your personal life. Many times we are all guilty of becoming a bunch of PACK RATS….saving things that we really need to throw away so we can UNclutter our lives. My friends will tell you that I am near famous for UNcluttering. At least 2 to 3 times a year I go through every closet, every room and every drawer with big trash bags. Some of the bags I put good things in to give to others. The other bags, I throw in the dump! I always feel better when the WHOLE ORDEAL is over with. The room that I always put off until last to tackle is the GARAGE! There’s just something about that room and the heat of a TEXAS SUMMER that makes me want to put it off!  There are so many parallels here to our CHRISTIAN WALK and GROWTH in JESUS CHRIST. In our walk with GOD, we constantly must do what I call a SELF EXAMINATION to see what needs to be KEPT, what needs to be THROWN AWAY and what needs to be GIVEN AWAY in our lives. If we keep the wrong kinds of things that are really meant for the TRASH DUMP, our walk will be slowed down, cluttered, hindered. However, when we get rid of the TRASH….we still have to GIVE AWAY good things like the LOVE OF GOD, FORGIVENESS, OUR TIME, OUR SERVICE to our local church and people. If we don’t GIVE AWAY the good that GOD PUT IN US, then we grow stagnant and keep our mind on ourselves way TOO MUCH! Then, there are those things friend, we must keep.

While cleaning, I ran across a BEAUTIFUL NECKLACE recently in my drawer, and I held it up, looked at it and said, “I’m KEEPING this and WEARING IT TODAY!” My Sister gave me that necklace for a birthday gift one year and I’m holding onto it One of the MOST PRECIOUS possessions that I have is this necklace. It is the same way with our walk with JESUS. Precious things like spending time with your family!! KEEP IT!! The most precious thing that WE HAVE FRIENDS is our ABILITY to spend time with JESUS. This is something that you want to KEEP and never GIVE AWAY, no matter what it takes. It it’s 10 minutes a day to spend with HIM. KEEP IT! KEEP IT! KEEP IT! So if you like to CATEGORIZE things like me, we can say we have 3 categories: 1. KEEP 2. THROW AWAY 3. GIVE AWAY Get your TRASH BAGS out and let’s get STARTED!IMG_3172