DSCN4689JESUS was with me the day I graduated from High School and took off to college at Texas State.  HE was with me at all of the parties no matter how much MD 20/20 I drank or how much weed I smoked.  HE WAS THERE!  JESUS was there at my WEDDING and at my DIVORCE too 🙂  JESUS was there the night my husband told me he didn’t love me or want me anymore.  JESUS WAS THERE!  When TORMENTING SUICIDAL thoughts were SWIRLING around in my mind…..GUESS WHO WAS THERE?  JESUS was there.  When I went to church and wore my sunglasses because my EYES were so SWOLLEN from all of the CRYING, JESUS  was there.  When I STOOD next to DADDY as he took his last breathe and RELOCATED from TEXAS to HEAVEN, JESUS was there.  When our FAMILY cooked lots and lots of ITALIAN FOOD and LAUGHED until our sides ACHED, JESUS was there.  The NIGHT my sweet MAMA was swept away by the ANGELS of GOD to go to HEAVEN, I was right there by her side…..and JESUS was there TOO!  JESUS has been with me in the HAPPY times and in the NOT SO HAPPY TIMES too.  I have learned in this INCREDIBLE JOURNEY called LIFE to PUT all of MY TRUST, not in man, but in JESUS CHRIST, the SON of the LIVING GOD!  HE has proven HIMSELF time and time again to me that HE can be TRUSTED.  Friends, don’t worry, don’t fret, don’t be anxious about anything.  I PROMISE you that JESUS has your life in HIS HANDS and HE WILL DO YOU GOOD and not EVIL all the days of your life.  DG