At MIDNIGHT when the LIGHTS go out and EVERYTHING turns dark and CLOSES in on you, IT’S NOT OVER!  Paul and Silas, prayed and praised AT MIDNIGHT after being severely beaten and imprisoned.  THEIR PRAYERS AND PRAISES got HEAVEN’S ATTENTION to the point that the FOUNDATIONS SHOOK, the DOORS OPENED and the JAILOR and HIS WHOLE FAMILY GOT SAVED!  It might be MIDNIGHT for you friend, but MIDNIGHT is the time when it TRANSITIONS into DAY!  You are in a TRANSITION.  Things are SHIFTING.  Things are MOVING.  Sometimes you feel TOTALLY out of CONTROL and that’s a GOOD THING.  GOD has your MIDNIGHT HOUR in the palm of HIS HAND and HE will make certain that YOU TRANSITION into the DAY where the GLORIOUS LIGHT of HIS GOSPEL WILL shine on you so BRILLIANTLY that you won’t even be able to REMEMBER just how TOUGH MIDNIGHT WAS!  DGDSCN3867