“Every Time my HUSBAND and me GET IN A FIGHT, I start thinking about my HIGH SCHOOL BOYFRIEND!”…….. a young married woman shared this with me and asked for prayer. My response, “It’s BECAUSE your SOUL is still tied to him. Now go GET RID of any REMINDERS of him…. gifts he gave you, PHOTOS of you and him at the SENIOR PROM, and why is he still on your FACEBOOK??!!” ¬†WHATEVER you spend time LOOKING at, you start THINKING about. ¬†GIRLS, every SOLUTION to every CHALLENGE is found in GOD’S WORD. Like a SCRUB BRUSH, we must allow GOD’S WORD and HIS HOLY SPIRIT to wash our minds, to make it new every SINGLE DAY. For EXAMPLE, when I first GAVE my life to JESUS, I still had THOUGHTS of doing DRUGS, or CHUGGING down a BOTTLE OF TEQUILA with a dead worm floating around in the bottom of it. The only REASON why I didn’t go that route was because I was SATURATING my mind with GOD’S WORD. Every chance I got, I read the WORD, listened to the WORD and SPOKE the WORD of GOD out loud. FRIENDS, JESUS is so REAL and ALL POWERFUL and HE is ABLE to HELP you in your time of need. Call on Him anytime. Jeremiah 33:3 DGSUNP0021